Happy Christmas Eve from Cindy Lou Who 

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! 

This is my 4th year doing a Cindy Lou Who inspired hairstyle. Every year I try to improve it and try new techniques. This year my mum was kind enough to sew me a Cindy cape. 

Even though I have been doing this for four years it still takes me hours to prepare, do my makeup, and my hair. 
Since the hair is the main focus, I will start with that. 

The supplies I use are : a plastic cup, wire, a few wefts of hair extensions, a bow and lots of hairspray!

I added the extensions to the braids since my hair is thin and then to the front of the cup to hide it. 

Hopefully one year I will have have a tutorial to explain how I do the hair 😉 

For my makeup I just did winged liner, fake lashes, blush, highlighter and a red lip!

For my costume I paired the cape with a black and white plaid. 

Here is the evolution over the past 4 years! 
I hope you all enjoy the holiday season with friends and family ❤️ Merry Christmas!  


Oh Deer it’s Halloween Time Again 

Happy Halloween! 

I’m sharing with you today my Halloween costume from this year that I made. 

Shoutout to Pinterest for the help 😉

We will start with the antlers. First I got a headband from the dollar store, along with brown and white felt for the ears. The antlers are Christmas decorations from Micheals that where originally attached to stakes, that I took off and hot glued to the headband. As for the flowers, I bought two flower crowns from Micheals and cut them up and also hot glued them to the headband. (I managed to only get one really bad burn from the hot glue gun 😂)

Now for the makeup! First off I’m totally not a makeup artist but I tried my best. Another shoutout to Pinterest for the makeup ideas! It’s pretty self explanatory, but for my eyes I just added some brown eyeshadow, winged liner and some fake lashes from Mac. I also extended the top liner to form a point at my tear ducts and added some white eyeliner and some mascara to my bottom lashes. For my nose I used my liquid eyeliner again. I added some very heavy dark contour to my nose, forehead and cheeks to enhance the deer look. And to top it off I added some small spots with more white eyeliner! 

For my dress it was impossible to find a brown one! I had a grey Forever 21 dress that I didn’t wear much anymore and I got some fabric dye, dyed it brown and I added a white tummy, spots and a tail. I then paired it with some brown tights and boots. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween and get lots of candy and treats! 

Prom 2017 – Grade 12 🎓

This past weekend was my high school prom and below you will find a selection of pictures along with everything that went into making the day special. 
Preparations for prom began way back in January, with booking appointments and finding the perfect dress! I tried on so many different dresses, some I liked and some I didn’t, but nothing seemed to be “the dress”. We travelled out of town and dedicated a whole day to finding a dress, as I hadn’t   found one I liked where I lived. I liked most of the dresses I tried on, but I couldn’t picture myself wearing them. As we were shopping I saw one at the back of the store I thought was neat, but I didn’t think that I would like it on myself so I never asked to try it on. Eventually the lady helping us brought it over and asked if I wanted to give it a try. It was so unique and definitely not what I pictured myself wearing, but after a lot of thought and help from friends I decided it was the one! 

Picking out my accessories, such as my clutch, and finding hair, makeup and nail ideas wasn’t easy either. I had ideas in my head, but I couldn’t find what I wanted. For my clutch I knew I wanted something pink and not glitzy, who knew that would be so hard to find 😂 For my nails, I kept going back and forth between two ideas, I ended up taking the advice of the lady doing my nails, and I’m so happy I did because I think they came together wonderfully! As for my hair, I had many people ask me whether or not I was going to do my own hair. I had decided a long time ago not to do my own hair, and the reason for that was because I didn’t want to be stressed out and have something go wrong. So I left that to the professional, and I was so pleased with it, it was exactly what I wanted! 

I had a wonderful day and made so many amazing memories! 

I hope you enjoy these pictures taken by my wonderful mum! There will be outfit details on my Instagram, so if you have any questions about anything I’m wearing check there 😘 I did take many pictures with friends and family but I have decided to keep those for my personal pages. 

Valentine’s Day Hairstyles – 2017 

Today’s post is a quick round up of all of the Valentine’s Day themed hairstyles and braids I have done this year. I have really enjoyed getting creative these past few weeks, and trying different ways to incorporate hearts into my braids. I often forget how much fun heart hairstyles can be during the other part of the year, and they don’t need to just be kept for February! I’m defiantly going to continue them through the rest of the year 😊 

Halloween 2016 – Pin Up Girl 🍒

Happy Halloween everyone! I can’t wait to share this years costume with you all, this year it took me forever to come up with an idea. I would find an idea that I  loved, then I either couldn’t find the different pieces for it or I didn’t like it anymore. I decided to go to our local party/Halloween store to look for ideas. I tried on serval different costumes, then I found mine in the corner of the store and immediately loved it.  

I am a 1950’s pin up girl! I have always loved the 1950’s dresses and especially the hairstyles, so it was really fun putting together this costume. I will link all of the different pieces at the end of this post. 

This hairstyle was super fun and challenging to do. I also recreated it for school and just did one victory roll and loved how that looks as well. You can’t go wrong with some simple black heels! I was short on time and couldn’t find any of accessories for my costume, but I did find these adorable earnings, which I thought really completed the outfit! (But I have to admit they were a little heavy) 

Here is a close up of my dress, I also added a red cardigan to match my other red accessories. For my headband, I just went to the fabric store and got some red fabric and tied it in a knot. For my makeup I did classic winged liner, with a little brown shadow in the crease. I did a little contouring and added some blush. Lastly I added a pop of colour with some red lipstick, and I drew on a fake mole with eyeliner to pull it all together. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween. 
                 ~ Gabby 😘 


DressPatties Party Palace

CardiganOld Navy

EarningsParty City

Heels: I have had them for a few years and can’t remember where they are from.  

HeadbandFabric Land

Hair InspirationKayley Melissa

Summer 2016 Instagram Recap

It’s been a long time since I have done a blog post, and I was starting to miss posting. I am going to start posting more regularly, so if there is anything you want to see more of let me know. 

Today’s post is a little recap of what I posted on Instagram over the summer. These are some of my favourite hairstyles I did on myself as well as my friends. I also want to add a big thank you to all of my friends that were great hair models this summer! 

At the beginning of July I got to meet up with some of my braiding friends! We did a few hairstyles but this is my favourite group shot! 

I love trying out different updos on myself, some times they work out and other times they don’t. This was one that worked out just as I imagined, making it my favourite updo I did this summer! 

I travelled a lot over the summer, so I had to save up pictures before I left. My friend’s and I would go to the beach and take 5-10 hair pictures. I love this fishtail tie back that I did on my friend. Over the summer break I had lots of time to play with my camera, I figured out that sunset was a great time to take pictures and made for very pretty backgrounds! This fishtail stacked combo was one that happened by mistake, but I really loved the outcome! I rarely ever do ponytail braids, but I love a edginess of this Viking braid! Side DIY combo braids is one that I loving playing around with, I love coming up with different combinations. With braiding the possibilities are endless, which is what makes it so fun. This is another example of a combo side braid ☺️ Another thing I did a lot over the summer, was work. My hair is to long to keep it down and it gets in my way. This pull-through braid was a great braid for a hot summer day at work. These are some of my friends who were always willing to be my hair models, this picture of them together is so cute! In August one of my dreams came true. Since I started Instagram I had always imagined hitting 100k, and that happened! It was so exciting and I still can’t believe it 🙊These braids above were some more I did on myself. Braiding your own hair isn’t always easy but the more I practice the more I am happy with the outcome! 
This updo was done on the last night of summer on the beach during sunset. It’s simple but I love the look of Dutch fishtails. 
I hope you enjoyed reading my Instagram recap. Don’t forget to check out my Instagram @hairstylesbygabby for more daily hair pictures! 


Celebrating 3 Years of Hairstylesbygabby!

3 years ago today, I made the decision to start an Instagram, to share pictures of my hairstyles. I originally came up with the idea because I enjoyed creating different hairstyles but had know where to post and share them. My account at first was called @nailsandhair_byme, (I wasn’t very original and couldn’t come up with anything else) because I also liked doing nails. As time went on I started to enjoying doing hair more then doing my nails, and with dance I couldn’t have them painted most of the time. That’s how I came up with @hairstylesbyabby (again I know, not very originally lol). I wasn’t the best at hair, and it was just something I liked to do in my free time. I only really knew how to fishtail, french/dutch braid, and three strand braid. As my account grew so did my passion for hair, I practiced more, watched youtube videos and found other hair accounts and learned from them.

I never really knew that by sharing my pictures on Instagram, it would turn into something that is now a pretty big part of my life and that has really given so many cool opportunities! I don’t know if most people know, but it really does take up a lot of my time maintaining my account. I am a perfectionist so I really try my best to make my hairstyles and pictures the best they can be!

So yes, this is super sappy and long, but I am proud to say that at 17, I know exactly what I want to do with my life and the career path I wish to take, all because of an Instagram account I started 3 years ago!

When I see the followers icon on my account and it reads 97K, sometimes I can’t even believe it, and I feel so lucky that I am able to share my passion with that many people! It took me one whole year to get 1000 followers, and this time last year I had 41K followers, I do know that the amount of followers you have doesn’t matter, but I hope I am able to encourage people not to give up because they don’t get a lot of likes or followers at first, it does take time, but it really is all worth it! So I would like to thank everyone that has followed me, the followers that have been there from the beginning and the new ones 🙂 I am so excited to see where this account will take me in the years to come. 

Below I have some of the companies I have gotten to know and had the chance to work with ( There is also many wonderful Instagram boutiques/shoppes, as well )


I have also gotten the chance to meet many wonderful people, that have really inspired me! I had the opportunity to meet five of them in person, which was such a cool experiance.



I took some fun pictures to celebrate my 3 year “anniversary”, hope you like them! (Tomorrow I will post outfit details with some more pictures from this shoot)


Thanks so much for reading this super long post, and helping me celebrate!


Holster Brands

About a month ago I was contacted by Holster Brands and they wanted to know if I wanted to try out their product. I had been following them on Instagram for awhile and loved their product and had always wanted one, so I of course said yes!

I was really impressed when I was testing it out and so loved the fact that I now had something to put my hot tools and other little things in, in my bathroom. I have a pretty small bathroom and with the amount of hairs stuff I have, I am always running out of counter space. With the easy cling it has to any surface, it never falls off and is able to hold man thing. Styling tools can be placed in the Holster, while it is heating up, while using and during cool down. (They are heat resistance to 500’F)

Another thing I love about this product with that they are super easy to use for traveling and they hold more then just hot tools!



I want to apologize for the poor quality and yellow tint to the pictures, my camera doesn’t do well indoors.

Thanks Holster brands for reaching out to me!

Christmas Hairstyles🎅🏼🎄

Happy Christmas Eve! 

This year I really wanted to make some time to try and do different Christmas hairstyles that I haven’t done before. I have always loved seeing how creative people can get with Christmas hairstyles on Instagram! 

I hope you enjoy these hairstyles! 

 Curls done with my 19mm Nume wand!

 Candy cane braid inspired @hair4myprincess


Last year I also did Cindy Lou Who hair, but I wanted to change some things this year 😊 

Fun Christmas dance hair 

Christmas tree accent into a bun
I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! And no matter what your beliefs or religion you are able to send this time surrounded by close friends and family and that you feel loved! ❤️