Prom 2017 – Grade 12 πŸŽ“

This past weekend was my high school prom and below you will find a selection of pictures along with everything that went into making the day special. 
Preparations for prom began way back in January, with booking appointments and finding the perfect dress! I tried on so many different dresses, some I liked and some I didn’t, but nothing seemed to be “the dress”. We travelled out of town and dedicated a whole day to finding a dress, as I hadn’t   found one I liked where I lived. I liked most of the dresses I tried on, but I couldn’t picture myself wearing them. As we were shopping I saw one at the back of the store I thought was neat, but I didn’t think that I would like it on myself so I never asked to try it on. Eventually the lady helping us brought it over and asked if I wanted to give it a try. It was so unique and definitely not what I pictured myself wearing, but after a lot of thought and help from friends I decided it was the one! 

Picking out my accessories, such as my clutch, and finding hair, makeup and nail ideas wasn’t easy either. I had ideas in my head, but I couldn’t find what I wanted. For my clutch I knew I wanted something pink and not glitzy, who knew that would be so hard to find πŸ˜‚ For my nails, I kept going back and forth between two ideas, I ended up taking the advice of the lady doing my nails, and I’m so happy I did because I think they came together wonderfully! As for my hair, I had many people ask me whether or not I was going to do my own hair. I had decided a long time ago not to do my own hair, and the reason for that was because I didn’t want to be stressed out and have something go wrong. So I left that to the professional, and I was so pleased with it, it was exactly what I wanted! 

I had a wonderful day and made so many amazing memories! 

I hope you enjoy these pictures taken by my wonderful mum! There will be outfit details on my Instagram, so if you have any questions about anything I’m wearing check there 😘 I did take many pictures with friends and family but I have decided to keep those for my personal pages.