5 Back to School Hairstyles {Featuring other Instagramers}

Back to school hairstyles

It’s that time of year again the weather is getting cooler, the leaves are changing colours and my least favourite part the nights are getting shorter. Back to school season is just around the corner for me and may have already started for many of you. It can be an exciting time, seeing your friends, back to school shopping and my favourite part trying out new hairstyles! Even if you aren’t ready to go back or don’t want to hopefully these hairstyles will get you a little more excited 🙂

I will be posting some of my own favourite BTS (back to school) hairstyles later but for today I will be featuring some of favourite hairstyles I found from other Instagram braiding account (@yiyayellow, @braidsbykylee, and @braidsbykatie).

I chose these hairstyles because I have personally tried all of them and I find them to be great ones for when you are in a rush, and for those of you who aren’t very experienced with braiding they are easy to do as long as you know how to three strand braid.

This first hairstyles is done by @yiyayellow 🙂


To create this cute look create two small three strand braids by the part line, once you have done that gather all of your hair to the same side the small braids are on and create a simple side three strand braid.


The next hairstyles also done by @yiyayellow, is called a bubble braid. This ones a fun, unique hairstyles that I am sure will get you lots of compliments.

To start this hairstyles off gather your hair into a ponytail (it can be on the side, a high or low ponytail whatever you would like), then with a small elastic about an inch from the original ponytail create another ponytail and then pull on the “bubble” to give it more of of bubbly looks 😀 repeat this step down the ponytail. You can also hair wrap each elastic to hide and you could also finish this fun hairstyles with a bow or a ribbon.

The third hairstyle is done by @braidsbykatie


This double french braid is one of my go to school hairstyles and this is also great for second or even third day hair (just add some dry shampoo)

The classic french braid is one that many people know how to do, but if you don’t there are many tutorials on youtube. To sum it up in short form part the hair into two sections, then on one side with a small section by the forehead split it into three sections and complete one braid stitch and gather hair on both sides and continue this all the way down to the nap of the neck, the smaller sections or larger ones you take will determine on what the overall look of the braid will be.

The next two hairstyles are done by @braidsbykylee


This french tie back is one of my favourites on Kylee’s account and would be a super cute first day hairstyle! This one is very similar to the last one in a way. To start this hairstyles you are going to want to create a french braid (or a mermaid braid) about an 1.5-2 inches from the forehead then once you get to that point you will only want to pick up small sections from by the part line which is called a lace braid. Once you each the back of the head finish braiding to the end of your hair without adding sections and finish with an elastic.


How can you not love this picture, from the perfect curls to the super cute dog!! Like the last hairstyle this would be a great hairstyles for the first day of school or even picture day. I also think these curls would look cute if you added the french tie back from the pervious picture to it.

On my youtube channel I have a tutorial on how to create curls very similar to ones these ones 🙂

Curls Tutorial (hairstylesbygabby)

I hope you enjoyed reading my first BTS post and you figured our some new hairstyles! And thanks to my braiding friends for letting me feature them 🙂