Conair Quick Twist

Conair Quick Twist

If you read my last post about Conair Canada (Conair Canada Blog Post) you would know that I had the amazing opportunity to sort of work with Conair Canada 🙂 They were so amazing and sent me a package full of wonderful goodies along with the Quick Twist which at the time I couldn’t show you guys but today I finally can, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Basically what the Quick Twist is, is a cute little divice that it creates a super quick rope twist braid. You attach the hair under the two little pink buttons and press the sliding button upwards. This will twist the hair, then when you slide the button downwards it twists the two twists together and create the rope twist!! It’s that easy and quick and the rope twist braid looks amazing 🙂

In the box it also comes with accessories for your hair and really helpful instructions.




This is the hairstyles I created with the Quick Twist but there is endless things you could come up with!

Thanks again to Conair Canada for the incredible opportunity, working with you has been so amazing! 🙂

Link to the Quick Twist: Conair Quick Twist


Conair Canada

Hey Everyone!

A few months ago I was contacted by Conair Canada, they were interested in my Instagram account and wanted me to try a few of their products out. I was so excited as I have used and seen their products so many times. I emailed back and forth with a very nice lady named Nancy for a few weeks and we even set up a phone called where we talked more about my Instagram account and their products.
DSC_6481They were extermly generous and sent me a very lovely package full of super cool tools and goodies along with a very nice letter.
DSC_6487The brush you see in the picture below is called the Infiniti PRO Ultimate Brush. It’s a frizz power controlled brush that removes static and smoothes your hair leaving look and feeling super soft!

The back of the boxes reads: Balled-tipped bristles and flexible cushion base for optimal comfort. Active frizz-control ionic generator is centrally positioned to increase the anti-static benefits in the hair. Ion emission indicator light (LED). It has an On/Off switch. And lastly it has a ergonomically designed handle for comfort grip. (Two AAA batteries included)

I am so excited to try this product out and tell you guys more about it!
DSC_6496Here is a picture of all of the amazing products I received, I cant wait to try them in my hairstyles and hopefully create some YouTube tutorials using them! 


Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed 🙂

Thank you to Nancy at Conair Canada and the Conair Team for this amazing opportunity and the super fun goodies