Holster Brands

About a month ago I was contacted by Holster Brands and they wanted to know if I wanted to try out their product. I had been following them on Instagram for awhile and loved their product and had always wanted one, so I of course said yes!

I was really impressed when I was testing it out and so loved the fact that I now had something to put my hot tools and other little things in, in my bathroom. I have a pretty small bathroom and with the amount of hairs stuff I have, I am always running out of counter space. With the easy cling it has to any surface, it never falls off and is able to hold man thing. Styling tools can be placed in the Holster, while it is heating up, while using and during cool down. (They are heat resistance to 500’F)

Another thing I love about this product with that they are super easy to use for traveling and they hold more then just hot tools!



I want to apologize for the poor quality and yellow tint to the pictures, my camera doesn’t do well indoors.

Thanks Holster brands for reaching out to me!


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